Secondary Trauma Is Like Second-Hand Smoke

If you are around someone who is smoking, you don't have the a choice but to take in second-hand smoke. In just the same way, if you are working with someone with psychological trauma, you will take in secondary/vicarious trauma. Unless you build resilience and heal the trauma, you risk compassion fatigue and burnout. The ABCs of Dynamic Mindfulness (Act, Breathe, Center) have been shown to mitigate the effects of secondary trauma in thousands of teachers.

Mindful movement (Act) makes our bodies feel safer, taking slow mindful breaths (Breathe) calms our nervous systems, and present-moment awareness (Center) helps reduce the chance of past or future feeling like the present.

Practicing three 2-minute ABCs every day for just a few weeks can make you feel more calm, relaxed, and focused. And sharing DMind with your students, can transform your classroom and keep you from burning out, just like it did for Michelle.