An Alternative to Suspension with Trauma-Informed Dynamic Mindfulness:
Building Stress Resilience, Emotion Regulation and Empathy

Social justice through mindfulness

At the November 2019 Northern California Safe and Healthy Schools Conference at UC Berkeley, Niroga Program Managers Sam Weiss and Fatima Ahmed facilitated a session incorporating the theory and practice of Dynamic Mindfulness to a standing room only crowd.

Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are endemic in students that are challenged with emotion regulation and school engagement.  This presentation focused on the impacts of chronic stress and trauma on brain and behavior and how Dynamic Mindfulness can serve as both a prevention AND intervention strategy.  

Conference participants learned about supporting research from the fields of neuroscience, trauma, and somatic psychology as well as independent studies conducted on DMind programs. The presenters shared compelling data collected from surveys of youth and teachers in Bay Area K-12, special ed and alternative ed classrooms.  Both the research and stories from the field indicate a reduction in suspensions after just one semester of DMind.

For a deeper understanding of Dynamic Mindfulness, participants engaged in a brief DMind practice, experiencing the power and potential for themselves.

To learn more and practice dynamic mindfulness yourself, join us for our next in-person Dynamic Mindfulness Training in Oakland, Los Angeles, or Houston.