We Need DMind Now, More than Ever

We Need DMind Now, More than Ever

"Dynamic Mindfulness is a powerful tool. We can use this as a solution for regulating emotions, healing trauma, and dealing with psychological issues. The DMind protocol is very simple, but can affect every level of our being. Thank you so much!"
- Training Participant, April 2020

Dynamic Mindfulness is important now, more than ever.

The boundaries between work and life, school and family are blurring. Whether in digital classrooms or digital meetings, spending so much time connecting through virtual platforms can be exhausting - especially with so much else happening in the home and in our communities.

Trauma-informed Dynamic Mindfulness (DMind) provides practices to help us feel better in mind, body and heart. Research in emotion regulation is growing, and confirms many of the benefits of DMind - “Emotional regulation is paramount to the quality of life because it affects almost every aspect of our lives.”

Whether for schools, mental health professionals, families, or individuals, DMind’s evidence-based practices can support mental health, social emotional learning, and stress resilience.

DMind’s trauma-informed movement, breathing and centering can help to build community in digital classrooms by using fun, activity-based mindful check-ins that help students to sense how they are feeling. Offering dynamic mindfulness, rather than static mindfulness, can help brains and bodies focus, release stress, and build empathy.

DMind also supports teachers and mental health professionals by providing professional development, self-care tools, and resources for students and clients. All these practices can be done in just a few minutes a day, and are fully customizable to suit your needs.

It’s never been easier to learn the tools of DMind. Click here to check out our live and self-paced online trainings, free webinars, and more.