Join us in empowering a Million Mindful Children 

Give children the tools to connect with their resilience and goodness and to act with integrity and empathy.
Unleash their potential.

Together, we will reach this vision


Mindulness in middle school

Mindfulness can change lives. Our Dynamic Mindfulness programs have been shown to transform students, schools and communities. With your support, we can transform an entire generation!

We have directly served
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Mindfulness in school

Why DMind?

Why DMind? Stress and trauma impact our brain functions, disrupting our ability to focus, regulate emotions, have empathy, cope in healthy ways, and learn.

Our DMind programs give children the tools to overcome physical and emotional setbacks brought on by stress and trauma, and thereby enabling learning readiness.

Empower Children and Youth with Dmind

Give the gift of a mindful life! Your support allows Niroga to bring DMind to those who need it most.

How does $20 help?

  • A one-time gift of $20 empowers a mindful child for a year.
  • A monthly donation of $20 cultivates a team of mindful children for a year.

What can we do with $200?

  • With a one-time gift of $200 you can sponsor a teacher, impacting 20+ children for a year.
  • With a monthly donation of $200 you can empower a teacher to become a mindful leader in their school, impacting dozens of children for a year.

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Give the Gift of Dynamic Mindfulness


Meet the children who inspired the Million Mindful Children Campaign

The children we serve inspire us. ​From Oakland to New Jersey students are leading transformation in their schools and families. They take their mindfulness practice seriously and understand the power and potential of teaching mindfulness tools to those around them.

Their impact is both wide and deep. They guide their peers and teachers in Dynamic Mindfulness, take field trips to neighboring schools to share the practice with other students, and help mediate conflict at home through mindful resets.


Culture Keepers Transforming School Culture at El Cerrito High School

The students who lend their voice for the Million Mindful Children video are "Culture Keepers" at their high school. Their work is helping reduce suspensions and improve school climate. Watch the video to learn more about their impact.

Middle School Mindful Leaders Leading Transformation in School and at Home

"With this mindfulness team, we are going to change this community, not just our school, we are going to change our community. My goal is to have the students lead the parents in how to breathe, how to calm yourself... That way they can go home and teach their younger siblings. If there is a snowball effect, good! Beautiful" - Coach AJ, Vice-Principal

Elementary School Students Embrace Dynamic Mindfulness

This elementary school in San Diego has adopted Dynamic Mindfulness as a way of being, propelling an amazing transformation that virtually eliminated suspensions for two consecutive years. This progress would not have been possible without students valuing and embracing the practice. Watch this video to witness students lead an entire school community in practice.


Imagine the power, the potential, the possibility in each ripple of their mindful actions.

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