Dynamic Mindfulness selected by NYS OMH to mitigate the impact of trauma in schools

NYS & NYC school districts can apply for up to $100K/district

Dynamic Mindfulness is an approved NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) evidence-based program

Apply by 2/9/23

2023-24 school year

  • build stress/trauma-resilient schools
  • enhance school district capacity to be trauma-responsive
  • promote social-emotional well-being for staff, students and families
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Why Dynamic Mindfulness?

Improve Executive Functions (EFs)

movement-based mindfulness has been shown to be the best for developing EFs, such as attention control, emotion regulation, cognitive flexibility and reasoning (Diamond & Ling, 2020)

Efficient School-Wide Implementation

Brief movement-based mindfulness practices throughout the school day as needed (e.g. start of day, advisory, beginning of a period, after recess, transitions, end of day, etc.)

Cost-Effective District-Wide Capacity-Building model

Professional development (trainings), Coaching (post-training follow-up support), and Curricular Supports (print, online, mobile) for school transformation

A $100,000 OMH grant could empower 125 teachers and administrators, social workers and case managers, parents and adult allies ($800/person), enabling full-service community schools

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