Dynamic Mindfulness Certified Trainer Alumni

Our Dynamic Mindfulness Certified Trainers (DMCTs) have undergone a rigorous year-long certification program and have had their training readiness evaluated by Niroga prior to graduation. DMCT are certified to lead Niroga’s evidence-based trauma-informed two day training that creates a foundation of personal Dynamic Mindfulness practice and provides participants with the tools to share Dynamic Mindfulness with those they serve. DMCT graduates have demonstrated a strong commitment to Niroga’s mission of service and enabling healthy communities, compassionate schools, and peaceful neighborhoods across the nation and beyond by transforming lives, one breath at a time.

We are no longer accepting applications for new Dynamic Mindfulness Certified Trainers.

Our DMCT graduates come from all over North America and a diverse array of professions. The ripples of practice and change grow as each of them share Dynamic Mindfulness with their communities.

DMind Certified Trainers

Tracy Alladice
Atlanta, GA

For over 15 years, Tracy Alladice has been advocating for equitable and supportive resources that empower students and families to live choice filled lives. Through her work with local school districts in Metro Atlanta, Tracy has focused on increasing parent engagement in schools, providing coaching to hundreds of parents, guardians and educators.  Her efforts led her to eye-opening insight into educational systems – the counter effects of educator, administrative, and student stress related trauma.  A tireless promoter of self-care with a passion for enriching educational communities, Tracy began to research methods to incorporate mindfulness into her personal daily practice and to share with colleagues. She soon discovered that practices and principles uncovered while studying Dynamic Mindfulness with The Niroga Institute resonated with her and could greatly impact educational achievement of all students. Tracy hopes to introduce Dynamic Mindfulness and Transformative Life Skills programming into as many schools and communities as possible as a means to reduce stress, increase empathy and provide beneficial tools for students and educators to create a more positive school climate and culture.


Barrie Allen
New York City, NY

With a background in Early Childhood Ed, Deaf Ed, Educational Administration and Mindfulness, Barrie has founded and is heading up the Mindfulness program at her NYC Independent School. Using the skills and content she developed during her Dynamic Mindfulness Certified Trainer (DMCT) program through Niroga, she teaches 9th through 12th grade elective Mindfulness classes, works with students one-on-one, developing individualized stress resilience programs for them, and designs and conducts workshops for a variety of student and faculty groups school-wide, including sports teams, students in health classes, and 8th graders. Barrie looks forward to serving the needs of community members by expanding Mindfulness offerings at her school and beyond.


Deni Dayan
Fresno, CA

I am a licensed educational psychologist and a board certified behavior analyst. I am also a parent child interaction therapist. I received my Master of Science in Psychology from California State University of Fresno in 2001. I began my career in Oakland California working on a bilingual preschool diagnostic team. I now work for Fresno County Superintendent of Schools and am involved with staff development in the areas of trauma, positive discipline and mindfulness. I began teaching positive discipline workshops in 2009. As a speaker, I am dynamic and engaging. I have presented internationally as well as nationally for parents, school districts, social workers, psychologists, and other professionals that work with children.


Alan Delery
New Orleans, LA

I currently work as a Restorative Approaches Facilitator with the Center for Restorative Approaches in New Orleans, La. I have a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a master’s in Sociology and diploma in youth ministry. After completing the DMind program in 2016 I utilized the TLS curriculum as part of a conflict resolution course in a local high school. In addition, I used mindfulness practice with high school students as part of a service learning program. It is my desire to incorporate more focus on mindfulness within Positive Impact, which is a non-profit organization that I started more than 20 years ago to help youth make a stronger impact on their community. With a focus of building safe and caring communities, it is my intention to have dynamic mindfulness become a central component of the organization.


Jessalyn DeLucchi
Arcata, CA (Humboldt County)

Jessalyn is a seasoned yoga and mindfulness instructor, specializing in children and families. With a background in child development, and a passion for social justice, she found Niroga at a turning point in her career. Inspired by their mission, she began volunteering and later working for them as she integrated mindful practices in her professional roles supporting children’s wellbeing and building resilience in communities. Her decades long yoga practice has been integral in her personal and professional growth, and especially as a parent. She completed her yoga teacher training in India in 2010, further trainings through Niroga Institute, and in Children’s Yoga. Recently, she has returned to her hometown in far Northern CA, where she is able to incorporate her gentle, playful energy in her direct practice with preschools, community classes, workshops, and youth camps. She is dedicated to serving community in offering the tools of Niroga’s evidence-based, trauma informed, Dynamic Mindfulness.


Angela Ehrlich
Newark, CA

I am the principal at Lincoln Elementary School in Newark, California. This is my 29th year as an educator. Teachers at my school and I have received training in Dynamic Mindfulness and we would like to sustain the program at our school. Dynamic mindfulness is an essential skill needed by children growing up in our forever changing and stressful society. What differentiate me from other trainers is that my focus is on elementary aged students and teachers who would integrate the DMind practice into their classroom. I have experienced how DMind works with our students and how necessary it is that more students acquire and use DMind skills when needed. The more we place DMind skills in the hands of our students, the more empowered and better off they are coping with stress and, or dealing with trauma.


Elizabeth Finlayson
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I have been teaching math and statistics for 10 years at a Title I high school. Before teaching I worked as a Mechanical Engineer at LBNL for 16 years. My work with the Niroga Institute has taught me that I can balance mindfulness work in conjunction with my teaching. I have experienced the benefits of this program for myself and for my students. In the current climate it seems crucial to find ways that help students constructively manage the stresses in their lives. It also seems important to give teachers a way to manage the everyday stresses they encounter in their job. My goal is to continue working in schools with teachers and students to spread the practice of DMind. I am a mentor in the new teacher induction program in my district and hope to teach DMind to new teachers who are going through induction. I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area more specifically in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.


Asmait Gebrekristos

Asmait has over a decade of experience working with children and families as a clinical social worker. In her current role as a school social worker, she leads school-wide social emotional learning programs centered on dynamic mindfulness and restorative justice practices. Asmait’s school district recently awarded her an innovations grant to lead the implementation of Dynamic Mindfulness in two additional schools. She is excited to utilize her Dynamic Mindfulness Certification and experience with Transformative Life Skills to serve her community and beyond.


Salimah Gillani
Nunavik, Québec, Canada

I work and live in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik (Québec), and have built a rewarding career as a catalyst for local economic development. I aspire to cultivate opportunities for indigenous-to-indigenous exchanges and collaborations in the area of tourism development, educational technology, and community wellness. I have initiated multiple community based mindfulness workshops for organizational staff and community members across Nunavik in collaboration with the Niroga Institute and regional partners. In 2016, I incorporated TLS Nunavik with a local partner, offering dynamic mindfulness tools customized for the region with a focus on violence prevention, school retention, addiction, and suicide prevention. I am a 200 hour ERYT from the Kripalu institute and I am certified in the Applied Suicide Intervention Strategy (ASIST).


Alana Hassanein
Los Angeles, CA

I have been a classroom teacher in elementary schools for a total of 7 years. I have taught in some of our country’s most privileged communities and some of our most under resourced communities. I moved to Los Angeles to help start up a new charter school, which happened to be building a partnership with Niroga. I, and the rest of the staff at my school, received teacher training on Dynamic Mindfulness and how to implement it into the classroom. Soon after, I began a regular practice in my classroom and felt like this was the self-care practice for my students and myself that I had been wanting all along. I decided to enroll in the DMCT program to become a more confident leader in the DMind practice for my students, colleagues, parents and my personal practice. I look forward to the abundance of growth that lies ahead for my classroom, my learners and myself.


Irene Herrera-Stewart
Los Angeles, CA

I am currently serving as the Director of the Los Angeles New Administrator Leadership Program. The program’s goal is to train and support new administrators to think systemically and act strategically so that they can empower a leadership team that will significantly impact instructional quality and student achievement. This leadership development program will build the capacity of bold, visionary leaders who are prepared to lead high-need and persistently low-achieving schools in upward trajectories of accelerated student achievement. The vision and mission of the program is tied to ensuring equity for all students through systemic school transformation. I have worked in a myriad of educational positions were my focus was to develop and support systems that improved teaching and learning.


Scott Douglas Laxier
Monterey Bay area

I am a veteran elementary school teacher of 21 years in the Monterey Bay area, after 3 years teaching elementary and coaching Junior Varsity athletics in Costa Rica. During this time I have also shared Media Literacy skills to both children and adults in the communities I’ve taught. For the past five years, I have helped to create and flourish the Palenke Arts Multicultural Collaborative, a group of community members dedicated to access to the Arts in its many forms, especially for underrepresented groups in our communities. Over the past several years it’s been apparent that the children and myself as a teacher needed a new paradigm within which to learn, live, and thrive optimally. Niroga and DMind have provided a model of resiliency and self-regulation necessary to meet the challenges of learning and thriving in our present society. Because DMind has had such a positive impact in my personal life, and I’ve experienced its value in the classroom, I want to share this practice with others in my community. Niroga is an organization of which I’m proud to be associated.


Laura McKeeman
Nunavik, Quebec, Canada

I currently work with Transformative Life Skills Nunavik where I travel to small fly-in Inuit villages in Canada’s Arctic to lead Dynamic Mindfulness sessions in schools, in community settings and for health professionals. In Montreal, I work as a scientific advisor in Public Health. I have a B.Sc. in Psychology and Master of Social Work from McGill University. I am bilingual, speaking both French and English. Working with Aboriginal communities has motivated me to learn about the effects of historical traumas and how to use holistic, strength-based approaches in the healing process. Leading Transformative Life Skills in a region dealing with endemic violence, school dropout, poverty, addictions and suicide has shown me how powerful mindfulness can be for healing and prevention. I am passionate about sharing DMind with others as a healing tool and something that can be added to their self-care practices.


Amanda Muhammad
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX & Kansas City

Amanda Muhammad is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Dynamic Mindfulness Certified Trainer, and Educator in Dallas, TX. After several successful but unfulfilling career moves, she found love in teaching others and helping them find ways to manage their stress. Amanda is committed to providing a safe and accessible space for all people to tap into their underutilized potential, helping them create great days through mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. Amanda can be found making various stress management practices more accessible through her private practice across DFW, Kansas City, and Online.


Laurie Pitts
Bellingham, WA

I've been teaching for over 20 years, and doing mindfulness practices in one form or another for nearly as long now. My background includes not only teaching (English, theater, and interdisciplinary courses), but also curriculum design and instructional coaching, primarily at the high school level, as well as program development and delivery for both adults and children in a variety of non-profit, community settings. Dynamic mindfulness, in my view, can help shift the balance of traits expressed by people toward compassion, connection, equanimity, resilience, peace, joy, empathy, and care for all beings. I believe that DMind is a fantastic tool for personal and social transformation.


Stephanie Quirinale
Monterey, CA

I’m an elementary school teacher and have taught in Monterey County public schools for 13 years. I began practicing mindfulness/meditation 7 years ago as a form of self-care. I teach in a diverse, low socioeconomic school and a passion of mine has always been equity for all students. This can be challenging because not all students have the tools they need to succeed in school. Having these tools is essential so, I went on a quest to find a mindfulness program that would help kids grow intrinsically, to give them the power to regulate themselves and learn how to make healthy choices for their own wellbeing. This led me to DMind which offers me and my students tools we can use to develop stress management and stress resilience. I would like to continue sharing this practice with others and expand beyond my classroom to other teachers, parents and community members.


Nate Rogers-Madsen
L.A. Basin (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties)

Nathan Rogers-Madsen has worked professionally since 2003 as a public school teacher of young and adult students with moderate, severe and profound disabilities in New York City and Los Angeles County in special day classes, single subject classes and as a school dean. He comes to Dynamic Mindfulness via Rinzai Zen (Hollow Bones Order of Integral Mondo Zen) and he sees movement vehicle that facilitates waking up, growing up and showing up. He deliberately integrates Dynamic Mindfulness into Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) and Restorative Justice in his classroom, and he personally attests to how it blossoms into a vibrant classroom culture. He trains with a focus on how special education teachers can sustainably create healthier classrooms and train students with disabilities to tap into their wise, essential selves. He also serves the community at large by promoting safe, mature and evolved masculinity at all ages through the service organizations Mankind Project and Boys to Men Mentoring.


Colleen Sanford
Alameda County, CA

I started my career in Dorchester, MA, as a child care worker in a residential treatment program for girls. I learned some valuable lessons in this first job: how race and poverty had impacted most of the clients I served in the Boston area, the damage of abuse (especially sexual abuse) in their young lives, and the importance of having a trusted adult. I am currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. I have been employed by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care for the last 18 years. I have been fortunate to serve youth and families in school and community settings. I went to a Dynamic Mindfulness training at Niroga in hopes of finding some new tools to support my clients with trauma and chronic stress. I kept coming back to develop and support my own practice, as I have seen what a difference DMind has made in my life. As I begin to offer DMind to students, they have also started to see a shift for themselves. This offers me hope.


Tovi C. Scruggs-Hussein
Oakland, CA

I am a visionary educator, author, and award-winning urban high school principal with over 25 years of mindfulness experience. I am in service to our youth by being an expert leader in equity, trauma-informed leadership & resilience, and emotional intelligence development for educators. Currently, I serve as California’s Regional Executive Director of Partners in School Innovation. Further, I am a founding teacher of the trauma-informed leadership course at Mills College. Certified in both integral coaching and emotional intelligence, training others in DMind is another vehicle to ensure that we educate the whole child as well as support educators to live lives with greater peace, ease, and resilience. Deemed "Goddess-at-Work," my transformative, interactive workshops uniquely combine healing modalities of inside-out work, mindfulness, equity, leadership principles, and embracing one’s unique purpose to co-create and reveal what I call "professional spirituality" – the vision and practices that enhance your work and leadership. I enjoy living in Oakland, CA and working world-wide.


Jason Serafino-Agar
San Francisco

Jason is an experiential educator, yoga and mindfulness instructor focused on supporting resilient communities though sharing resilient practices. Since 1995 he has worked with people of all ages and diverse backgrounds to better connect them with themselves, their environments and their potential. When not teaching mindfulness or yoga he can be found running bicycle training programs, playing with his children, surfing, skateboarding and collaboratively working to address global climate change. mybikeskills.com


Paula Smith
Rochester, MN

My professional life has been dedicated to the well-being of children beginning with my work in private practice as a psychotherapist serving children and families and specializing in play therapy. I then began 25+ years’ work as a school psychologist and also teaching both psychology and music courses at the college level. Blessed to have been introduced to mindfulness and yoga as an adolescent, I have been integrating these practices into a 20+ year initiative targeting mental health education and developing curriculum based on an inside-out approach to healthy psychological functioning called the Resilience/Health Realization model. I currently serve on the steering committees for the WI Partners for Resilience Coalition, Compassionate Rochester MN (a chapter of the International Charter for Compassion Organization) and the Rochester MN Meditation Center. I am thrilled to be part of the Dynamic Mindfulness/Transformative Life Skills community where I can combine my passion for education and mindfulness practices.


Conrad Tiu
Los Angeles, CA

I am an Administrative Coordinator for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in charge of supporting new administrators (especially those placed in high-needs, alternative schools) achieve their clear administrative credential, under the Los Angeles New Administrators Leadership Program (LANALP, lanalp.org). This professional transition comes after a 27 year long employment with LAUSD where I started as a teacher for 11 years, a specialist for three years and a school administrator for 13 years (assistant principal, principal). As a school principal myself, I brought both yoga and meditation to my 100% at-risk population school that resulted in great success and benefit for my students. I found Niroga and dynamic mindfulness and was immediately attracted to not only the combination of both movement and meditation, but by the much lower maintenance costs it requires.


Brooke Triplett
Palm Springs area

I currently work as an Instructional Coach in a Title 1 school serving a population of students with over 90% on free/reduced lunch, over 95% Hispanic, and a majority who have experienced trauma in one form or another. I have a master's degree in Teacher Leadership, and I am a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist. I am grateful to be part of a school that has decided to focus on the whole child and invest in our kids and their futures. Part of our school-wide approach includes implementing and finding ways to integrate Dynamic Mindfulness into our classes and community. The approach that DMind takes to make students and staff feel safe and empowered while providing tools for self-care and healing from trauma are ones that I had long sought for as a teacher but never knew how to implement on my own. Serving our students, staff, and community in a holistic, authentic, and genuine way is my priority, and I believe that Dynamic Mindfulness has the ability to support our social-emotional learning, PBIS, and restorative justice programs in our schools. I am grateful and honored to be a Trainer for Dynamic Mindfulness with Niroga Institute and I am passionate about sharing these tools and strategies with others.


Susan Andrea Weiner
Oakland, CA

My professional background includes a Master’s in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Expressive Arts Therapy, and a multiple-subject teaching credential. I’ve worked as a clinician in community mental health clinics with homeless mentally ill clients, and in geriatric care settings with dementia patients and the frail elderly. I was an elementary school teacher in Richmond for eight years. I’ve also taught expressive arts classes to students in an MA program in counseling psychology and worked for over a decade placing students in practicum in community mental health settings. Currently I teach group and private yoga classes and see clients as a yoga therapist. I am committed to making the benefits of yoga accessible to all bodies. I want to do what I can to support caregivers and educators so that they can thrive in their careers, and be of greatest service. I enjoy leading groups of adults, and helping to facilitate creative problem solving and experiences of success.