Dynamic Mindfulness is an evidence-based, trauma-informed program that strengthens stress resilience and social-emotional learning.

Mindful action, breathing, and centering are its key elements.


How It Works

It’s as easy as ABC. Mindful action, breathing, and centering helps shift our response to stress: we move with full attention on the present experience while using the breath to calm our nervous system.

Chronic stress places us in a persistent state of fight, flight, or freeze. Our ability to make decisions, pay attention, regulate emotions, adaptively cope, and experience empathy is disrupted. And, over time, our bodies and our mental health begin to feel the toll.

With trauma-informed Dynamic Mindfulness, or DMind, we are able to shift our response from fight, flight, or freeze to rest and restore. (Or, in more scientific terms, we can downshift from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system.)

The result? Increased focus, stronger stress resilience, and an improved sense of wellbeing.


Why It Works

Developed by the Niroga Institute in 2005, Dynamic Mindfulness has been embraced by educators and health professionals across the country. It integrates what we call the Mindful ABCs: Action, Breathing, and Centering into a powerful intervention that can be implemented in the classroom or clinic in 5-minute to 20-minute sessions, three to five times a week.

When students regularly practice DMind, they experience changes in the way that they feel. Our students self-report that they focus better, can manage their emotions better, and feel less angry, stressed, or anxious. They bring DMind’s tools into their schoolwork, their families, and their after-school activities. They learn that they have power and choice when it comes to how they react to their external and internal world.

Integrating DMind in schools provides students with ways to manage their stress, to find a sense of safety in their own bodies, and to take positive action to change their emotional and mental states. At Mission High School, 70% of participating students reported improved focus and being better able to manage stress, anxiety, and anger after 1 semester. That jumped to 100% of participating students after 4 semesters. Read our review summary here.



"Dynamic Mindfulness helps me with myself because sometimes I come to school stressed, or sad, or different emotions. I feel it helps me breathe and I can control myself more."
- 9th Grader, Mission High School, San Francisco


Educators gain more tools for creating a positive learning environment that also supports their professional and personal sustainability as well as their students’ engagement. Our teachers consistently report feeling better able to manage their stress and more sustained in their profession.



"Practicing DMind regroups me and sets the tone for my attitude and actions for the day. Practicing with my 6-year-old son has helped me (and him) become calmer and deal with situations with ease."
- Teacher, Renaissance Institute, Jersey City


"As prepared as a child can be, knowing their math facts or being an excellent writer, if they are not able to look at those challenges and accomplish them based on their mental state and mental ability, it's going to be really hard to succeed as an adult or a high school student. So if we can teach them strategies and ways to deal with what’s happening around them, we feel that that's going to allow them to be more successful in their path in life...[With Dynamic Mindfulness] we teach them strategies to accept it, to calm their bodies down and move forward in a healthy way."
- Shelley Baca, Vice Principal at King Chavez Arts and Athletics Academy, San Diego

See DMind in Action

Witness how Dynamic Mindfulness is transforming this historic high school in the heart of San Francisco.

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