Dynamic Mindfulness Trainers

Camille Aragon, Program Manager, Southern California

Camille Aragon

Camille earned her Master's of Education in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard, and her B.A. in Psychology from UCLA. After graduating in 2007, Camille worked as a site manager with Jumpstart in Boston and then went on to develop and teach an early childhood social justice language and literacy curriculum at Loyola Marymount University Children's Center in Los Angeles. From 2010-2012, Camille served her country as a Peace Corps volunteer in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where she co-facilitated the opening of a school library and co-hosted a radio show. Following her service was appointed as the Peace Corps' literacy specialist and was based in Washington D.C., where she facilitated overseas professional development trainings, as well as chartered a mindfulness resource group for Peace Corps employees. Camille also has experience in applied behavior analysis and cognitive neuroscience, is a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga yoga and is a certified yoga teacher.

Coleen Armstrong-Yamamura, Director, DMind Certified Trainer Program

Danielle Ancin

A passion for social justice and equity motivated Coleen to become an educator. She joined Teach for America as a 2008 corps member in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her years as a Middle School English teacher in New Orleans and South Los Angeles taught her about the realities of chronic stress and trauma in the lives of many youths and the educators that teach them. Coleen left the classroom with the goal of broadening her impact in education by sharing the evidence-based and healing practices of Dynamic Mindfulness.

Bidyut Bose, PhD, Executive Director of Niroga Institute

Bidyut Bose

Bidyut Bose, PhD, is the Founder and Executive Director of Niroga Institute. Having learned yoga and meditation since he was a child, and with a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, his current research interests include the neurobiology and epigenetics of traumatic stress, strategies for positive youth development, and the design of cost-effective architectures for lasting social transformation. Bidyut is the lead author of a comprehensive Dynamic Mindfulness book/curriculum published by WW Norton. He conducts DMind trainings nationally and internationally, and is committed to developing the whole child, the whole parent, and the whole educator, transforming lives and communities.

Annika Hanson, CYT

Annika Hanson

Annika Hanson was born and raised in the Bay Area. At the age of sixteen an automobile accident left her with several spinal fractures and unable to live a normal teenage life. During her recovery a friend invited her to attend a yoga class, and she began to experience the self transformative properties of yoga and meditation. In her quest to empower others through the practice of yoga she continued her study, obtaining a certification from It's Yoga in Miami in 2004 and an additional certification from the Niroga Institute, with an emphasis in yoga therapeutics, in 2006. She is committed to raising awareness about the healing benefits of yoga and meditation. Annika is a senior teacher and Program Manager for Niroga Institute, managing programs at Alameda County Juvenile Hall and in Oakland schools.

Rosalind Lwin, Training Director

Rosalind Lwin

After obtaining a B.S. in Interior Design and a minor in Business, Rosalind spent her early career as a project manager for commercial architects, developing creative solutions for practical application. Following her passion to serve, she left her business to work in Kenya as a Small Enterprise Development Volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps. Rosalind's time in Kenya offered her deep insights into sustainable solutions that build individual and community capacity. As a Yoga Therapist, her exploration of interior environments continues, but has transitioned more deeply inward. Rosalind serves as Niroga's Health Program Director, and delivers solutions to develop optimal internal environments within individuals, to create healthy and resilient communities.

Rebekah Stone Guill, Regional Program Director, Southern United States

Rebekah Stone Guill

Rebekah has spent the past 7 years in education as a teacher, Content Specialist, and founder of the KIPP Teacher Wellness Program. During her years at KIPP Houston Public schools, Rebekah realized that chronic stress resulting from the intense demands of charter school education limited the efficacy of teachers who quickly burned out. Rebekah is thrilled to join the Niroga team and continue to expand mindfulness and yoga to schools for the betterment of teachers, students, and our greater communities.