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Live well

Enhance your mental well-being by developing greater stress resilience

Learn better

Succeed in school and work with better focus and emotion regulation

Lead by example

Transform your home and workplace by demonstrating mindful leadership

Validated by latest research

Neuroscientists have shown that movement-based mindfulness is the best way to improve executive functions, which enhance academic performance, productivity, healthy life choices and quality of life.

Customized to your needs

Moments of mindful movement that you can do anytime, anywhere, adapting to your preferences and schedule. Track how much you feel better over time, with help to develop and sustain a regular practice

Essence of Self Reliance

As you ask yourself how you would like to feel, you are guided to brief practices that will help you feel better in moments, e.g. stressed to relaxed, tired to energized, distracted to focused, and more

InPower Primer

Available free to adults and youth ages 13+


when sad or tired


when stressed or overwhelmed


when you need a reset

Upgrade to InPower+

Available for $59.99/year or $7.99/month


everything above plus...


when anxious or angry


when scared or insecure


when distracted or worried


create custom playlists

Social Impact

support Niroga's mission


In addition to being a nonprofit organization, Niroga Institute has applied 17+ years of field experience into developing a mindfulness app that is approachable, accessible, inclusive, and relatable.

InPower is created by Niroga Institute, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to cultivating empathy, equity, and empowerment, through Dynamic Mindfulness (DMind). Every InPower+ purchase supports improvements to this app for all users, and helps to fund Niroga’s work in schools and communities.

Absolutely! Niroga's InPower app can support staff well-being, enhance focus, increase employee engagement, and improve organizational morale. Please Email us at for more details.

InPower can be a great tool to support a bedtime routine, transform a time-out to a time-in, and create a mindfulness ritual for the entire family. Parents and caregivers will need to allow and supervise a child under 13 to utilize your InPower account or a secondary account that you create for them with your birth date.

We are constantly striving for excellence and value your input. You can send us feedback and suggestions through our app in the Settings menu, or you can Email us at:

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