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Niroga at School

Trauma Resilient SEL

Our integrative approach can be implemented in less than 10 minutes a day and includes:

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • Social Emotional Teaching (SET)

  • Social Emotional Parenting (SEP)

Dynamic Mindfulness (DMind) is approved by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) to support and enable SEL core competencies


Schools Transformed


Teachers Trained


Students Served

Early Ed & Elementary School

With unique practices for an important time in a child's development, mindful movement is an essential life skill for brain development and learning, connection and community.

"Schools are stressful. As a leader, I'm very aware of the threshold, that breaking point, and the burnouts. The sustainability of a teacher is very delicate."

-Principal of King-Chavez Elementary

Middle School

"Our campus culture is so different than what it was last year or before that. It's really become supportive and mindful."

-Counselor at Park Middle

DMind is especially impactful when implemented across feeder school patterns: elementary through middle to high school.

High School & Alt Ed

"The class feels more together. Instead of more stress and hatred in your body, it's more calm and peaceful in your mind so it can get you through the day better."

-Student at Mission High

Also, widely used in alternative schools, juvenile detention facilities and rehab centers; addressing social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs in non-traditional settings.

Special Ed (SPED)

Robustly field-tested in hundreds of SPED classrooms and with thousands of SPED students with ADHD, anxiety, behavioral difficulties and/or on the autism spectrum.

"We work with a lot of kids with trauma and emotional issues. In order for the academics to be successful, you have to be in a place where you are able to learn."

- Director of H.S. Asperger's Inclusion Program

"Movement-Based Mindfulness is by far the best for improving Executive Functions"

- Professor Adele Diamond, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist, UBC Vancouver

4,500 Students & 350 Teachers Say

"Dynamic Mindfulness reduced suspensions in my school by 78%"

- Principal, Park Middle School, Antioch USD

School Transformation Implementation Plan


Live online and self-paced interactive training options

  • SEL Strategies
  • De-Escalation Tools
  • Mitigating Trauma
  • Staff Well-Being


Ongoing guidance for teachers, counselors, and leadership teams

  • Student Buy-In
  • SPED Customization
  • Increasing Impact
  • Schoolwide Adoption


Multimedia curricular supports for capacity building

  • SEL Curriculum
  • Classroom Kits
  • Video Library
  • Mobile App

"1.8% increase in attendance led to over $500K increase in district revenues"

- Dean of Attendance, Berkeley High School, BUSD

3-Year Plan for Community Schools

School Transformation Package

$600 per staff/year Minimum 25 participants

• Investment of $15,000/year for a School with 25 staff & 500 students = $30 per student/year •

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