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Transform School & Classroom Climate

Increase teacher and learner Stress Resilience and Emotion Regulation

More than 25,000 preK-12, Special Ed and alt ed educators and mental health professionals have taken Niroga Institute's evidence-based trauma-informed Dynamic Mindfulness DMind Training, and shared it with over 750,000 of their students and clients.

Over 90% have said:

  • They are better at managing their own stress, anger, and anxiety;
  • They are sustaining themselves better as educators
  • They have a more positive classroom climate;
  • Their students are more focused/engaged and have better self-regulation

This self-paced online training is available on-demand in six hour-long lessons for four months after purchase.

You will:

  • Learn the neuroscience of Mindful Movement for Stress Resilience and Healing Trauma
  • Experience Brief movement-based mindfulness practices that can change the way you feel in moments
  • Develop systems and structures for personal and professional application, developing the whole child and the whole educator, transforming lives and learning

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Dynamic Mindfulness • DMind and Transformative Life Skills

  • Stress and Mindfulness

  • The Science of Dynamic Mindfulness • DMind

  • Impacts of Trauma

  • Interpersonal Applications of Dynamic Mindfulness • DMind

  • Closing and Recap


6 lessons
At your own pace
We've been supporting stress resilience and emotion regulation since 2005. Our evidence-based curriculum has proven results. Experience why and how mindfulness is effective with 1-hour lessons that blend lecture and a mindfulness practice. You can learn wherever you are with our self-paced, online training. Begin today to access videos and exclusive resources.


What others are saying:

"This was one of the best trainings I have participated in. The sequencing, grounding in scientific data, and the quality of video and audio were exceptional."
- Jessie Piske, Educator, IL


"I am ESOL teacher and I teach adults. Most of my students are from central Africa and have escaped civil wars and are survivors of trauma we couldn't even begin to imagine...My students LOVE it!"
- Arline